VUCA² – Tap the power within you


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This book is a gift for all of YOU who have the courage to live authentically and pay attention to the imprint you leave in this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. I also wrote this book as a celebration of the kilometres I’ve travelled so far through Life.

Matthew K. Cross (Leadership Alliance): “In this gem of a book, Gabriela Blaga introduces VUCA2: a breakthrough booster rocket to the original VUCA model. VUCA2 compliments and balances VUCA, offering the synergy necessary to navigate the VUCA world with more clarity and confidence. It provides a golden door to your strengths to engage and impact your world. Gabriela integrates the synergistic qualities of Vulnerability, Uniqueness, Courage and Authenticity to create VUCA2’s operational framework. Each has both a direct and a subtle power which supports seeing and seizing opportunities with greater flow and fortune.”

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