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VUCA² – Tap the power within you


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This book is a gift for all of YOU who have the courage to live authentically and pay attention to the imprint you leave in this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. I also wrote this book as a celebration of the kilometres I’ve travelled so far through Life.

Matthew K. Cross (Leadership Alliance): “In this gem of a book, Gabriela Blaga introduces VUCA2: a breakthrough booster rocket to the original VUCA model. VUCA2 compliments and balances VUCA, offering the synergy necessary to navigate the VUCA world with more clarity and confidence. It provides a golden door to your strengths to engage and impact your world. Gabriela integrates the synergistic qualities of Vulnerability, Uniqueness, Courage and Authenticity to create VUCA2’s operational framework. Each has both a direct and a subtle power which supports seeing and seizing opportunities with greater flow and fortune.”

“A practical and easy to implement guide that makes an extraordinary contribution to the world of wellness and wellbeing.” – Walt Hampton, J.D., Founder & CEO Summit Success, LLC, and bestselling author of “Journeys on the Edge: Living A Life That Matters.”

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