What We Do 

We blend simple yet creative methods to craft genuine solutions for the sustainable growth of people, teams and organizations.

How We Do It

We fuse courage and project management, authenticity and solution focus coaching, storytelling and creativity to support people to navigate with agility and adapt to the current VUCA world.

By working with us, you will become a VUCA2preneur.



Impactful Project Management

INNERPRENEUR’s unique project management capabilities include optimizing IT processes (SAP based), implementation of electronic invoicing, transitioning processes and departments, vocational counselling programs for teenagers and more.

Solution Focus Coaching 

Albert Einstein said: „no problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it”. The Solutions Focus method is a powerful and proven approach to create positive change within people and organizations. The focus on solutions vs. problems, strengths vs. weaknesses, and on what’s going well rather than what’s gone wrong, leads to a positive and pragmatic way of making progress.

Integral to the Solutions Focused approach is a set of SIMPLE guiding principles:

Solutions not problems

In between - the action is in the interaction

Make use of what's there

Possibilities - past, present, and future

Language - simply said

Every case is different

We believe that mentoring:

Maximizes both mentee’s and mentor’s energies

Nurtures trust

Optimizes resources


Sam Waller – Pwc Partner London

I recommend Gabriela Blaga for her leadership capabilities, project management and relationship building skills. Through her implementation leadership of PwC’s Perform Coaching Programme, she set the stage for improving efficiency and the agile transformation of the organisation. I would happily work with her again whenever the opportunity arises. 

Ștefania Dudau ~ Psychotherapist

Gabriela is a meli-melo of authenticity, uniqueness, courage, femininity, knowledge and good manners. Her qualities as a good professional are strengthened and complemented by the human qualities that are seen and felt in the most natural way. I think we need to surround ourselves with as many people as possible like Gabriela!

Vlad Eftenie ~ Architect, Lecturer

Gabriela is a true professional and a very kind and enthusiastic person, who knows how to turn any challenge into an opportunity for personal development. She has a creative spirit and is pleasant, positive, enterprising and resilient. She is very organized and focused, both on the quality of her activities as a process and on the bottom-line quality of the results. She easily manages to convey complex ideas in easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand forms. She is passionate about her activities and a highly reliable person. 

Mihaela Pascu-Oglindă ~ Writer & Project Manager

Gabriela Elena Blaga is a unique professional, highly skilled and with great empathy. I had the opportunity to engage one of her Solution Focused Coaching sessions. The way she works with you helps you clarify various aspects of your professional endeavours in a quick and efficient way. She is a brilliantly talented creative innerpreneur and entrepreneur, someone who constantly proves that 24 hours can sometimes look like 48hand yet still have time for a coffee with you. I highly recommend working with her!

 Bogdan Nicolai ~ Journalist, Entertainer

I was Gabriela's guest on the BiziLive TV show “Tell Me Your Story”. With three phones broadcasting live on the net, she and her colleagues perfectly executed what would have involved at least 6 people on a typical television set. The atmosphere was very warm, and Gabriela made me feel very comfortable, while it was at the same time extremely well documented. A very good journalist with whom I would get involved, anytime, in a project.

Costantin Paraschiv ~ BiziLive TV co-founder, entrepeneur

Gabriela combines her writing skills with a strategic knowledge of digital marketing. She's an excellent writer and editor with a facility for translating emotions into engaging content. She works across social media and other public relations outreach areas to effect viral engagement. In addition to her professional qualifications, Gabriela has personal qualities that make her well-suited to leadership.